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by lilsuicideangle007

I’m fat, I’m over weight and I’m Juliet. Oh Romeo is a fuck boy thats a stoner. He brakes me to piece and i love it. I can’t live without him anymore. Taking 30 pills is not a fantasy yet a reality. Oh Romeo using me poor Juliet for sex. The one thing I can say that is very normal for the very young age of 5 that if he touch you, you can’t say anything so fuck it. Fall for Romeo because he gives you attention. Fuck you Juliet because Romeo hurt you so badly and you went back. Romeo, Romeo where are thou Romeo. Romeo is in the basement fucking another girl and getting drunk off his ass but toxic relationships are what my dad thought me. Morphing myself for him. Becoming perfect so I can feel loved again

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a1957 5/3/2020 - 11:47 am

That you shared this is remarkable. I would venture to say that at least half of us on here can relate. You told it. You really did.

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