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Re: the exercise of life is pointless

by EmbalmedHeart

Downward spiral,

falling forward,

depression wave is tidal,

the ache is suicidal.

let me off the ledge,

a life lived on edge,

anxiety out of control,

the hell has swallowed me whole,

wallow as I wake,

I can’t take another day.
Too broken to ever unbreak.

The coos cold echoes,

sweet terrible whispers,

life feels pointless,

I feel subjugated.
yet there is tomorrow,

and tomorrow, and even a tomorrow after that.
It feels impossible to be comfortable,

it makes each breath a painful exhale,

it makes each smile feel hollow,

wishes spent and moot over birthday cakes,

and it takes.
life takes.

yet there are moments to live and feel alive,

and when they come full circle,

we again rise.
(A response to hopelessness)


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Abnormal.Thoughts 5/21/2020 - 9:17 am

This is beautiful. A rinse and repeat of emotion, the ups and downs then up again.

EmbalmedHeart 5/21/2020 - 10:14 am

Thank you, you inspired me to write with your original πŸ™‚

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