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What Romeo did to you

by lilsuicideangle007

To add on the story of Juliet, he did it Romeo left you because you weren’t perfect, it’s okay but it’s not because you couldn’t live without him so next thing you know you stop writing because you where in the hospital you relapsed and took magic candy’s that can make you go away but people care so you where in the hospital. You are no longer happy with yourself because you without him is like a circus without a clown. But he’s the clown because he hurt you for the 5th time so maybe he’s not the clown but you are for falling a toxic piece of shit. A piece of shit that could have killed you. You’re better off without him but he’s a drug. He’s your drug and you’re addicted. But… nothing can numb the pain that you feel because you’re broken because of him. Sleeps numbs the pain the Romeo did. I love him… But I shouldn’t.

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