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by vagabond

Anybody know any forums that mainly revolve around freedom of expression besides this one? I have some ideas that I don’t feel would really fit here or on reddit. Nothing too overly political, and not infested with trolls.

Basically I finally realized at the age of 25 that my scumbag vice-principle called me into the office in 7th grade cause he thought I was a potential school shooter just because of some dumb comics I made where the characters fight each other with swords, guns, and magic. It took me this long to realize it… I didn’t even understand what was happening when I was a kid or how sadly judgmental, fearful, and small minded the so called adults in my life were at the time…


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vagabond 6/16/2020 - 7:06 am

And not fucking tumblr

no name 6/16/2020 - 8:08 am

Did you ever try just googling the topic you want to talk about followed by “forum”. That’s how I found a baking forum. I have an account but I don’t use it. Maybe I will once I get my bakery started. Oh well that was a little of topic lol

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