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Corona Anxiety

by thehusk

Things are reopening here, though the infection rate still seems too high to control (especially after recent mass gatherings.) Restrictions are rapidly being eased, and I don’t know what level of caution is sensible to maintain. I’m terrified of my parents getting it – they’re both into their 60s, and my Dad has health issues.

I’m scared of infecting them, but I don’t know how rational that is. They’re my only social contact (sadly). The only other time I go out is to get groceries, and I’m reasonably careful – try to keep my distance, wear a face covering. If my parents do get it, it seems unlikely it’ll be from me. But still, I worry I’m putting them at risk.

I agreed to go for a coastal walk with them tomorrow, which means spending 30 mins together in a car- an enclosed space. We could’ve walked near where I live, but the options are far more limited. I don’t know if this is putting them at risk. I suppose I agreed because seeing them is generally good for my mental health, as is getting a change of scene. Which leaves me more functional. Which gives me a better chance of pulling myself together in the long term. And I figure if we just stick to walking where I live, it won’t have the same positive effect, and they’ll want to walk less often. But I don’t know if that’s selfish.

I don’t know how much of this is neuroticism, and how much is an appropriate level of concern. Things are really serious. People are really dying. But life has to go on somehow. I’m struggling to figure out when something becomes too risky to justify.


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no name 6/18/2020 - 8:51 am

i understand what you are saying. we are doing sorta ok here. we were down to zero but someone got it so now we arent doing as good. but things are still open and whatnot. i understand your fear too. my grandfather is saying how hes going to come visit me when the borders open up and i have to break his heart and say no, its not safe enough yet.

from my understanding of the virus as long as you and your parents are wearing masks (specifically you where youre scared of giving it to them) you guys should be fine. even just the homemade ones will be good. id stay a good distance away from other people though.

thehusk 6/18/2020 - 9:11 am

My area is very rural, and we haven’t been badly hit. But UK as a whole has one of the worst infection rates in the world.

I saw them last week, and I didn’t even wear my mask – I think it would’ve freaked them out. Plus it makes talking difficult. I don’t think they’ve ever worn one. Maybe I’ll wear it in the car – I get the impression enclosed spaces are far more dangerous than outdoors because of low air circulation.

no name 6/18/2020 - 9:30 am

they actually said that exact thing on the radio this morning. lol yeah its more likely to spread inside rather than outside

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