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“HIM!” she said with venom in her voice.

by Abandoned

i spent my night at work thinking about it and…i dont feel any better. i cant believe he would do something like that to me. the worse part is he hates my other friends but at least they wouldnt pull a stunt like this and would stand behind me. i miss him and i want all of this to be ok but every time i go to his messages my chest hurts and i feel sick and betrayed.

i trusted him. he knew everything. i would spent nights crying and he would stay up and talk to me. this really fucking hurts and i want to cry until my heart melts and theres nothing left, leaving me numb.

im trying to talk to him but….idk i just cant.

and there comes the abandonment feeling. i talked to him. and just gave up. i didnt know what else to say and i just wasnt feeling better. fucking jackass. thats the second BFF he took. i guess there isnt a forever. beside this is probably better for him. maybe he can finally forget about me and stop worrying :'(

the last thing i said was “see ya” and he said “bye….” im sorry but it just hurts too much. please believe me when i say i miss you.

youre suppose to stand beside your friends. youre suppose to stick up for them when someone hurts them. i wouldnt befriend someone that hurt him. why did he do it to me? i feel like my heart has been ripped out.


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Lunnna 6/10/2020 - 1:37 pm

Hey, I know exactly how that feels. I had someone, too. He had a different look from everyone else, his eyes tell a lot about how he sees me as a person. I almost thought he had a weird obsession for things that are broken, such things that cannot be fixed. It didn’t end up well for us too. The worst part is, that person, the person I loved with every scattered pieces of me, inflicted me pain. Now I couldn’t find my pieces, nor find my way back to him. I’ve lost him. I’ve caused him harm too. Shit hurts right? But what can we do? We could only hope for them to come back, which I think is stupid or let ourselves heal, but how?

mitch1547 6/11/2020 - 5:49 am

I’m really sorry that this has happened to you. I too understand how this feels and yes, it does feel shit! I’m still with my partner now, even though she’s cheated on me. It happens when she’s drunk (which yes, is no excuse) and she becomes differernt when this happens.

I’m sure it’s not the same for you and your partner.
We are always here if you want to talk to us. We’re not the same as real life people who can hug you but we can still talk.

Leave me a message if you wanna private message sometime 🙂

no name 6/11/2020 - 9:42 am

hes not my partner. just a friend i gave all my trust too. i wont be doing THAT again for a while.

if she cheats when she drinks and she knows this youd think shed stop drinking. i personally wouldnt stand for something that one can control.

yeah we can talk if you want to. i like making new friends 🙂

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