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I’m wrong…. Again!!!

by Abandoned

“I can’t read this because it’s in french.”

“it says it’s for a small room” (we were looking at an AC unit) also I didn’t mention that it was in French and also one other language I didn’t look at close enough.

“no that’s not what it says”

That’s exactly what it says. And then you wonder why I want a divorce. Also all the experts said you’re wrong and I can use whatever the fuck I want. But nooooo I’m always fucking wrong even when I give you evidence. I shouldn’t have to prove I’m right like that over the stupidest of fucking things.


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WitheringHope 6/28/2020 - 6:36 pm

That is a really silly thing to argue about, you are both clearly stressed out over other things to let something like that come between you two. Is he aware you’ve been considering divorce? If he doesnt you may want to find a way to bring it up, the only chance of fixing anything is talking about it. Is there any language barriers between you two? I didn’t know you spoke French. If you download the actual Google translate app you can instantly translate anything with your phone, give it a try and shove it in his face next time he doesnt believe you lol.

WitheringHope 6/28/2020 - 6:37 pm

It translates instantly with your camera I meant.

Abandoned 6/28/2020 - 6:53 pm

lol i dont speak french. it was on the packaging so the translation was right there plus i can pick up on the occasional word. it said “ce produit est pour une petite piece” this product is for a small……i dont know the last word but i can take a pretty good guess.

and its not so much this incident, its that he always says im wrong. im never right. even when i give him solid proof that you cant disagree with im still wrong. thats the problem. im tried of hearing it.

Abandoned 6/28/2020 - 7:04 pm

oh and yes he knows ive been trying to seriously break up with him for a little while now

WitheringHope 6/28/2020 - 7:12 pm

Ahh I see… I just read this and thought of camera translation and how it could’ve avoided any argument in that situation. Its good that he knows, I never had much of an opportunity to fix my last relationship because after 7 years she just sprung it on me that we were over. We weren’t married but living together for 7 years is a long time and it really sucked to randomly find out she was bottling up emotions for who knows how long.

Abandoned 6/28/2020 - 7:18 pm

ita not good that he knows. he makes us excuses and shit as to why we shouldn’t break up then act like it never happened the next day then wonders why im still pissed off

WitheringHope 6/28/2020 - 7:21 pm

I only meant that it’s good that he knows because it gives him a chance to fix things. I’m sorry that hes not trying to. But it will make your decision easier to make if it comes to that.

Abandoned 6/28/2020 - 7:23 pm

ive already made my decision. he just isnt right for me in basically every way

ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/3/2020 - 2:48 am

Are french speakers snoody in Canada? Like is there a stigma against people that can’t speak french there lol I’ve heard that from a few people

Abandoned 7/3/2020 - 3:42 am

Lol yeah there is. Us English people hate the French and the French hates us. Quebec has been trying to leave Canada for years. Which is fine we don’t want them here XD

ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/11/2020 - 1:23 am

A tacky beret from quebec is tempting
With the words, “I can’t speak french” scribbled and sewn in french

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