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In life & this world, there are winners and losers. But what if you are a loser?

by niki

Positive & optimistic people are often naive, ignorant, & simple-minded when they keep believing that anyone can be a winner in this society/life/world/existence. But if only they got their head out of their asses, and wake up & look at the reality just all around them everyday. Then people will see that there are poor & rich, sick & healthy, success & failures, sad & happy, blessed & depressed, the lucky/fortunate & the unlucky/unfortunate, and obviously there are winners & losers (or success .vs. failures).

Not everyone can be a winner. Not everyone can become number one, no matter how much even if people hope/wish/pray or even try. Welcome to the cruel, harsh reality/world/life/society/existence. It’s sad & depressing to see that especially today, there are so many people with optimism bias, that they will just do literally anything to deny this simple, basic truth/fact/reality.

And what if you’re down on your luck, got dealt a bad card in life, basically what if you are a loser/failure, or still struggling to survive everyday full of hardships, pain, and still not successful, still not winning, or not a winner? And not to mention also that life is not fair many & often times.

Isn’t this all depressing? Isn’t it scary? Shouldn’t this fact of life, this harsh truth/reality, makes you worried, anxious/full of anxiety, stressful, panic, and even depressed? Again, especially when you do know that you are now still on the loser/failure side, that everything just seems so hopeless?

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