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It put the lotion on it skin!

by wasd

while within the whirlwind the pain was so immense i sought peace and quiet –

even that of a grave i thought for no logic alternative came to mind…

now as the storm has died down i gather all the remaining bits and pieces –

and as usual i lose some every time.

now indifferent to the lost i automatically try to piece it all together –

that it will somehow resemble a human being, a man.

trying to make this man shaped thing look like what i once was,

just the appearance will do, i guess..

this glued together pieces aren’t too bad, i think but hardly my best work –

the beard is grayer and the circles around the eyes are blacker,

its smile looks like a line slightly rounded at the edges almost stick figure like.

now that the pain subsided the real danger comes lurking about in the shadows –

now there’s this false sense that this human shaped something i pieced together

is me and that it’s alive. it thinks it have wants and needs. it hopes –

and it scares the bejezus out of me. and what or who exactly am i?

who the fuck knows? not me, that’s for sure.

maybe i lost my mind a long time ago or actually dreaming,

living inside an unending nightmare.

this numbness that turn to fear unexpectedly and vice versa  are not pleasant. not one bit..

maybe i should destroy the thing before it gets its hopes high..




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