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Knock knock

by JudgeMeNot


It’s been a very long time, though nothing has changed has it?

Wisdom and knowledge is learned only through progressing ones intentions to do so. Its overrated. Why try to be the best person you you can be if everyone is the same. What’s to be gained from hard work other than currency? “Buy the ticket take the Ride”. I refuse to buy the ticket because I know my future. I know the highs and lows, how the game is played and I want no part of it. The “Cake” is a lie. There is no reason to fight to reach oblivion or paradise. Why would i want to extend my existence.

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Sbilko 6/2/2020 - 7:55 am

It’s ok, sitting back and relaxing is ok. But the sleep after a long day of work is sweeter than the one of a day spent, for example, gaming.

But that’s not it, there is something more: please remember when you were a small child, when the flowers, sky, clouds, meadows and nature had a golden lining to them, when there was joy in everything, and when joy was in the moment. With time, we grew bored of all of it, and started want more and more, and to tell ourselves that joy comes only for accomplishing “big” things.

There is a way for that joy to return, there is a way to break away from the boredom of “been there, done that”.

I had a dream where I was flying, where I could pull the moon closer to the Earth, and make it disappear by turning my back to it. The moments of awe are there only so long as the thing is new; the key and goal is to not get used to anything. How wonderful everything is when seen from the eyes of a joyful child!! How sweet the fountain of joy is!

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