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by darkwillow

I feel like my world has ended today. I’m just like he is. Im no different. We’re both in this sinking ship.

Im sorry young fish, vibrant flower, cupcake baker, nyan cat, I can’t pretend like theres nothing wrong. Im the problem.

I’ve done such horrible things. If the world knew of what I did, would I be alone? Would anyone care to talk to me anymore? But wouldn’t that be a good thing? At least for them. I’m so scared. I’m so afraid. I’m so sorry. None of this even makes sense. Who cares anymore, these words mean nothing.

Am i just like him? Am I just like him? Am I just like him? I think we’re the same. And we’ll both end up with nobody.

I dont understand why you don’t hate me. Why are you so nice to me. After what I’ve done. That can’t be honest right?

I can’t write anymore. I hate this. Just stop

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