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by Abandoned

Am I getting worse again? I thought it was finally over. I thought I hit a wall. Sleep was my escape. And even when I had a dream or nightmare it wasn’t the worse thing in the world. But last night…. It played on my worse fear.

A fear I have to keep to myself for the most part because I don’t want others to develop the same fear I have. It eats away at you all day. Making you feel sick and empty inside. Making everything pointless. I just want to wake up and be better 🙁

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Lunnna 6/7/2020 - 1:04 pm

I have a nightmare that often keeps me up. I think the worst kind of nightmares are the ones you experience without having to sleep. The ones that keeps us awake at night. The ones that doesn’t go away. The ones that resides in us. The ones we can’t wake ourselves from. The ones that left a scar. You know, it doesn’t really go away. It doesn’t get better. We just get used to it. But I really hope nightmares do end, or don’t they?

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