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by Abandoned

You don’t die but the life you currently know is gone. You get to restart. You select the age and then click the restart button. You don’t remember anything but you have faint memories of the ones that harmed you. Just enough to know you should avoid them other then that everything past the selected age is forgotten.

I’d pick age 9 as my restart date. well…i have reasons for picking the day I was born to. Like how my mother threw my biodad out of my life. Or left me to starve so she could go… Maybe I should just pick the day I was born..

Or maybe the restart button isn’t for me. I can’t change what she did.


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thehusk 6/1/2020 - 6:25 am

Restart button sounds pretty damn good. Like waking up and finding it was all a bad dream, with just faint memories of what to avoid.

I’d go for around age 9 too – maybe a bit earlier. If I could somehow stop my parents from moving us across the country – though I suppose they were always going to want to move to a bigger house, and my dad was unhappy with his job.

But maybe I would’ve ended up just as screwy, even if we’d stayed there. It might have taken some much earlier intervention to stop me being dysfunctional. Or just a change of genetics – replace me with a child who didn’t combine the neurosis of both parents.

niki 6/1/2020 - 6:44 am

That’s why people who are trying to sound “positive/optimistic” by saying stupid things like “Life is just a game!” frustrated me the most. No idiots, this life (reality) is NOT a game! In games, you often get a restart, or even multiple, unlimited restarts to “make it right”; whereas in real-life, you only get ONE shot, but when you’ve lost/failed/screwed it, or made wrong decisions, mistakes, accidents (even just tiny little ones!), it can mean your whole life could be forever destroyed. And that is why life (reality) is fucking depressing.

no name 6/1/2020 - 3:45 pm

well typically if its something youve done yourself you can fix it. you were the one that caused it. however if its an external source like, my mom hitting me, my stepdad touching me, my boyfriends using me. those are things you cant fix because you werent the one that fucked up.

and if you let that “one mistake even if it is only a tiny one” let you ruin your life that much then you are just pessimistic in which case happiness just doesnt exist for you and never will because you are keeping yourself from it. again a problem you caused that you can fix

Abnormal.Thoughts 6/1/2020 - 8:19 am

All the way back to Kindergarten. I don’t remember anything bad before then and I could really change my life. How great that would be.

I don’t know if destiny is a thing but you see those shows where they try to save a doomed person and they just end up with some other fatal problem. That would suck; get a second chance at life only to realize you are condemned no matter what you do and you have to suffer through a shitty life a second time.

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