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seems fitting

by vagabond

I know we don’t share songs on here often, I just thought the lyrical content of this song was interestingly on topic considering the riots and constant shootings lately.


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no name 6/7/2020 - 2:02 pm

actually i find that people are sharing a lot more songs then when i first got here

vagabond 6/7/2020 - 2:18 pm

Uhh. I’m just gonna leave this comment here since Jack’s post doesn’t have a name. In regards to what I think about the riots here in America, I think the problem with police brutality is more of an institutional one than something to be blamed on individuals. I think police officers are also victims of police brutality. The culture they get shaped by distorts them so badly that it’s gotten to this point and even good people who become police officers are either reshaped, left helpless, or ejected. Police have a culture of solidarity above everything. They look out for their own. Someone does something wrong, they’re covered, and either they cover others or they are unwelcome.

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