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by chxice

it wasn’t fair. how you got to move on and I’m stuck here trying to get over your ass. its not fair how once, we talked about our future and now we barely talk at all. how i poured my heart for you and you refuse to notice my pleas… its not fair that i try to fall in love with someone else but you. are. always. there. i miss your hugs and your voice and your warm brown eyes. it was a short amount of time that i fell deep into the abyss of your heart. i fucking love u and i hate myself fo that.
every time i see you i want to cry. all of my friends tell me “you deserve better” or “you shouldn’t waste time on him” or “you too good for him”. it doesn’t matter how many times you tell me these things. i still put on a fake smile so everyone things I’m okay. I’m sorry I’m fucked up and that i was too much for you. i just wish i was enough for you to stay.

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