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Why can’t that be me


So many people who take for granted how intelligent they are and waste their life. So many people who do the bear minimum knowing they could do so much more and succeed. So many intelligent people with eidedic (photographic) memories and not a care in the world. Why can’t that be me…

I hate my shortcomings. For the song? Creep by radiohead. I’ll probably post this a lot. I got the  blues

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all or nothing 6/9/2020 - 12:57 pm

I agree that people waste their brain power. It’s funny that once people rise above situational ignorance, they develop willful ignorance. But I don’t think they go through life without a care in the world… only the truly ignorant do that. I mean “truly ignorant” like they literally don’t have access to information, maybe they live on remote island or closed community or something. I think the “intelligent” people you mention, those with strong memory, are more likely existing in a state of conflicted laziness and apathy. They may seem like they are happy without a care in the world, but that’s just how they justify being self centered. What I’m saying is everyone probably suffers equally, except for those who are truly ignorant/sheltered and that could apply to all intelligence levels. What you’re saying makes sense, it’s frustrating to see people waste their talents when so many of us feel talentless. But I think that’s like assuming all rich people are happy, even though they’re not. Life sucks equally.

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