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You helped me Not

by Yikrens

“Aspiring readily murder is looking out to haunt strangers in the Night with a Machete.”

You wanted to Help, Dauphnelle. Ready to Kiss me hard. Taking my Hope and waited for Love. Just to disappear, make me longe and look out for you each Day. I wrote all the Feelings I have through it all, made my Memory and Friends up that you is all that is important. You make me cry, you make me sad, each Day was worth to Die. I have been tortured to forget, I had been entertained, I had been chased. People made my Day. But, Nobody could catch a Bullet with their Teeth when I told about the Love, the Time we had.

I cry often to make me sane again, but my Obsession is drafted for you, and to have you aside me, to have the Little I believe that is Left of Life to be far more, yours my only need for the Rest of your Words to comply with the Life.

There is no without you, L. W.

But, I can be without, Trainrails are a cool camping outlook and Transquilizers are enough to wake up in the Tent aside.



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Yikrens 6/11/2020 - 3:26 pm

the next midnight awake, and I take my tranquilizers to sleep on the trainrails.

need to find a confident solutions of penalty. making her my mistress to share my goods and some courtrulings to make it happen without she, make me murder my family due contact to her.

Yikrens 6/11/2020 - 5:52 pm

hi. method are forbidden. Splitting up an schizophrenic, enforcing that one is murder, no project, no suicide.

trainrails shall be sewing.

Yikrens 6/11/2020 - 5:19 pm

excuse me: did some1 entered this into me?

I wrote this, and I must take meds again, retreat da costa.

All I want is, to be with her, lkaw. Trust, she’d been living, been just for me. Accept me.

To be excluded from Family Affairs, those have their Games and make me suffer.

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