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“you look like you lost your best friend”

by Abandoned

What my husband doesn’t know…is that I did.


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Holy_Requiem 6/12/2020 - 3:38 am

Curious: Is it your Husband who is your best friend that has changed and now isn’t considered your best friend any further? or is it another being whom you’ve lost?

no name 6/12/2020 - 3:41 am

It was my friend. An ex bf actually that stuck with me through everything and was basically there since the beginning.

Holy_Requiem 6/12/2020 - 3:44 am

Where have your ex-bf gone?

no name 6/12/2020 - 4:18 am

He hurt me so I decided to not be his friend anymore because it just hurts too much

Holy_Requiem 6/12/2020 - 7:15 am

Sorry I thought he passed away, I can only speculate what he’d done to you however I’ll leave it there. Take care.

no name 6/12/2020 - 7:32 am

Thank you. I’ve been posting about how it’s been going between him and I the past few days and I’ve actually gotten a lot of support from the members

So thnx everyone πŸ™‚

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