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Frickin Kevin

by postalservice

My aunt has cancer. I’m so worried about her. I’m praying she’ll be okay. I can tell she’s in a deep depression. I wish I could hug her. It would be weird, but I so would.

My uncle survived a motorcycle crash. He wasn’t wearing a helmet but miraculously still talks and stands. He was in a coma. My mom says, “Perhaps if I waved a beer in his face, he would wake up…” (I don’t think she knew he was sedated, but the joke was good. I let it be for a few moments.)

That man and his motorcycles… I shit you not, he outran the police twice. The first time, it was a dirt bike in complete blackness. The moon was bright. The second time, a street bike. The second time was about fleeing from a warrant, and I shit you not, they caught him after some chick dm.ed to meet in the park… Big stupid grin going in, guarantee you. Back to prison for a couple more years…..

And what, he’s 40 something now? Showing off, flies into ditch, wakes up, makes stupid joke about doing it…. I thought my 20s were oldddddd. Some never let go of their youth. It’s great. :B xB

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