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Hate myself

by SwimmingPearls

I hate my body so much.
I look at myself at the mirror and i immediately get depressed.
Im so horrendous. Agh. Im horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im a disgusting girl and i wish i was dead.


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a1957 7/7/2020 - 9:54 pm

I truly used to hate my body too. Eventually that changed to where I now accept it and sometimes even appreciate it. This despite the fact it used to look a lot better.

Thorium 232 7/7/2020 - 10:28 pm

I can relate to what you are going through as I too have a history of hating my body and seeing what’s reflected in the mirror when I look at myself.

OldCow 7/8/2020 - 10:45 pm

I am right there with you. I have always hated this body. Ugly face, ugly fat body, short, and clumsy in every way. Glasses and ugly blotchy skin. I hate everything about me and have for my entire life. I have learned how to brush my teeth and comb my hair without actually looking at myself. Sadly, my dad warned me when I was about 14 that I had better learn how to be self-sufficient because no man was ever going to want me. He was right. I am now married to a man that refuses to be seen in public with me. He sees me as someone to cook for him, to wash his clothes, to pay the bills and take care of the house. He does not see me as a wife.

I have learned the secret of living in a horrible ugly body. Ignore it and pretend that you are all alone in the world as much as possible. Get a dog. They don’t care what you look like and they love you no matter what happens. Become that old ugly fat dog lady. That horrible image is is me in your mind.

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