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Hermit life sounds appealing

by Badbrainz

I fantasize about forgoing relationships and focusing on my random projects, thats where i feel in my element. It also sounds dangerous, giving that I get that “me vs all of them” mentality when I cut people off. What if I have another psychotic break. Realisticly everyone needs someone to turn to, I just wish I knew how to associate with the right people that won’t lead me down the wrong path.


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Silentblue 7/2/2020 - 7:57 pm

I really sympathize with some of the same feelings you stated here. Though humans need companionship if you get surrounded by the wrong toxic people that hinder you more than aid you then it becomes easy to feel like cutting everyone off is the way to go. Learning who to depend on takes time, perhaps the best thing is to figure out a path that you can take that involves little aid from others so you’re free and don’t depend on others input or aid. Personally I’m trying to learn not to be so co-dependent, other than the one person I’ve depend on I’m good with cutting most people off.

wasd 7/3/2020 - 7:09 am

being a hermit is hard but it’s not all bad. i am one and though it’s lonely as fuck i learned to, well, not enjoy my own company but to accept it, accept myself . accepting oneself is very important imo. in my case there’s still the self loathing and the self flogging, the wanting to be at peace without it being ever possible but also there’s this quiet quality of being able to understand yourself in a way not possible without isolation or maybe it’s just an illusion and it turned me mad. i can’t honestly tell the difference between sanity and insanity – it’s all just concepts instilled in us by society and it norms. in my case you’re right – there’s this feeling of me vs. them which sucks.

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