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I don’t belong here in this world

by niki

Some people are lucky, some people are not. In this world, there are winners and losers. And the harsh reality is I am a loser, I am a failure. It doesn’t even matter how many people have told me that I’m very talented, smart, deep, wise, etc etc etc. The fact is in this society, I am nothing, I am just a nobody. Unemployed, confused, depressed, and suicidal 38 years old whose dreams, visions, ideas, and idealisms are all crushed, broken, and destroyed by the cruel reality. I just made mistakes after mistakes. I blew all the chances, opportunities, friendships, relationships, etc etc. And it doesn’t even matter if I think most people are shallow, superficial, simple-minded, as well as ignorant, naive, or selfish, hopeless, etc etc. The fact still remains that I am a loser and failure in this world, society, and reality. Maybe I don’t belong here in this world. I’m just a burden, another useless speck of dust among 8 billions humans on this tiny pale blue dot planet called earth in this vast universe. So why should I continue living? Why do I still live? Maybe I should just kill myself. I don’t belong here in this world.


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Jack 7/13/2020 - 6:35 pm

I agree that we should make our dreams a reality.

mountaingoat 7/14/2020 - 12:36 am

Don’t worry it’ll be over soon enough.

rivets 7/14/2020 - 7:44 am

What do they win at and who are the judges that I might throw shoes at their faces?

muspelhem 7/16/2020 - 2:21 pm

Have you heard about Martin Seligman’s experiments with dogs?

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