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i feel like i abuse him :(

by Abandoned

all of my rules and shit just because i have anxieties. i know im just scared of losing him but this really isnt fair to him. i hate myself


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WitheringHope 9/2/2020 - 8:38 am

Hey I have no other way of contacting you but this.. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your daily posts. For a moment it was one of my daily routines. Check SP… for that interesting story that girl keeps sharing.. but havent heard from you in a while. This is me asking you to post again but also hoping you’re doing so well that you’ll have see this request.

Abandoned 9/13/2020 - 3:24 pm

i wish i knew what to say. hehehe i never really found my story all that interesting. just me venting about how i felt that day. i actually ended up leaving because i didnt feel like i fit in here, but i can watch this post in case you answer back. i havent exactly left so much as i found a new site but i still check back here every so often i just have nothing to say.

WitheringHope 9/14/2020 - 2:01 am

Sorry I really should put a parental lock on my phone when I’m drinking… or maybe drink less

Abandoned 9/14/2020 - 6:25 pm

lol its fine, i dont mind. πŸ™‚

WitheringHope 9/2/2020 - 8:40 am

Doing do well that you’ll never see this request***… of course I did a typo.. fuck you world

WitheringHope 9/2/2020 - 8:40 am

So* omg goodnight

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