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Meh the world

by Wisp

Not suicide related

This world is fucked. It won’t ever be the same again. Well, the world was already pretty bad anyways.

Hopefully I’ll be dead in the next year or so, I still have commitments, and again, it’s not easy to die, or many more would be doing it.
(Wouldn’t want to fail at that…)

Look at brain damaged people in wheelchairs for example. I’m not belittling them or picking on them. Why would anyone want to ‘live’ like that? It looks like a non existence to me.
Yeah brain damage can happen if you don’t succeed at suicide…

Part of me wants to live and hope that the world will get better, but i know that it won’t. I’m talking about COVID and all that goes with that. Having freedoms taken away. Nah I’m not denying that it exists. But yeah, it really doesn’t all add up.
I don’t want to say any more here…

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.pulmo.inundata 7/20/2020 - 2:18 am

It’s so fucked that there’s people who smile when they think of stories about wild dolphins saving people’s lives.
After the fact, it’s “debatable” if the dolphin knew what it was doing!

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