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Nobody likes “Nice Guy” evangelicals. They have a smugness about them that pisses everyone off.

by TheJoors

I’m fairly new to my neighborhood… Lol I bought my house a little over a year ago. The other day, I received a letter from the “Church of the Nazarene” with my full first middle and last name requesting that I try out their services etc…

It’s kind of creepy, honestly. The sender didn’t leave their name, but it was probably a pastor. Because it was so personal, I doubt anyone else received one. I don’t really mind the annoying mail, but now I’m tempted to hang a pride flag, perhaps it will cease the smug mail. I have a good rapport with almost all of my neighbors. I’ll ask them if they received anything. Lol

Oh, right lol I’m gay. If I were straight, I’d accuse the sender of “gay reaching” with comic sans. It’s that creepy.

If it weren’t an organization that hated the lgbtq community, I wouldn’t care at all.


The Church of the Nazarene does not have an official policy on non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people. In 2014, David Wilson, General Secretary of the Church of the Nazarene, sent a letter to President Obama asking that he remove a religious exemption from his upcoming executive order banning hiring discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity among federal contractors.

Its own employment guidelines note that, “We are a faith-based organization. Acceptance of our Christian Code of Conduct is required and membership in the Church of the Nazarene is required for certain positions.” Under this standard, some Nazarene institutions, including universities, could bar LGBTQ people from employment.”


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Sbilko 7/5/2020 - 8:35 am

I’m really sorry that they creeped you out.

Rainwatch 7/5/2020 - 9:36 am

Don’t give them a red cent. When I moved in 5 years ago a Catholic priest knocked into me with a sheet of paper with my name on it ” I’m collecting donations for the church, how much will I put down for?” he said. I replied ” I’ll tell you what you can put me down for ( at this point his eyes opened like saucers in expectation of the cash I was gonna hand over) Nothing, not a cent, now leave me alone”. That’s the only way to deal with religious conmen.

ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/8/2020 - 4:48 am

Right? Like sure let’s hopscotch on every opportunity given to state I’m omw to hell~

ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/8/2020 - 4:50 am

Lolllllll damn priests and their secrets

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