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by thehusk

I have no real outlet for the loneliness I feel. Reaching out to others doesn’t help. I’ve cut myself off from everyone morally and psychologically. Which means all I have is myself. And I’m tired of me.

I wish I could go back to before I made myself this. So much of the time, I want not to be me anymore. For the self-awareness to be gone. So I can experience the world fully again, without the burden of my identity.

It’s such a waste of a life, to be so inhibited. Someone else could be using this oxygen, and really making the most of it. I just don’t have it in me to enjoy this world. There’s nothing I really want to do as me. I just want to stop being me – to be someone else, free of the things I know.

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boskobay 7/23/2020 - 2:36 pm

I can totally relate! I hate myself and the person I see in the mirror everyday. I don’t know who I was before this mutation I have become. I am so aware of it that it haunts me like its a literal “Skeleton in my Closet”. I feel alone and alien in so many ways. I don’t feel any joy in life and have no understanding of the definition of “Love” I don’t even feel human. You may be physically alone, but I am here and know exactly what you are going through!

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