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victoria’s Secret

by SwimmingPearls

Meh. I wish i had a Victoria’s secret model body.


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unknown 7/1/2020 - 11:44 pm

oh no you dont trust me.

ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/2/2020 - 4:25 am

if you watch tedtalk, some women from that industry will say they wish they did too.

a1957 7/2/2020 - 8:38 pm

I used to have a similar line of thought and desperately so. Fortunately, people have many more needs than eye candy, sex, or a chain drive wallet, to name a few obvious ones. Tapping into those other needs that are not so obvious made me look like a keeper. It worked very well coming back my way too. Win, win.

Overcoming my trauma is another story…

chxice 7/2/2020 - 8:50 pm

I know how you feel… I know people will say “no you don’t” or “you so pretty, why even?” I mean it could be the truth but is it your truth? it’s okay to wish to be pretty… I do it all the time 🙂 but please, know your worth. “there will always be someone who can’t see your worth. don’t let that someone be you.”

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