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When is it finally over?

by JackieT14

I feel like we idolize life to be this perfect thing. That it has to feel like a scripted movie or we are not satisfied. I constantly go back and forth of thinking that I expect too much or I am not doing enough. I crave this connection with people. You know when you meet someone and all the emotions and sentences seems to flow so  easily. That spark of connection with a human where you can feel the comfort and urge to want to know more. I’ve come so far from my depression and have tried not to relapse in my mental health. I have overcome so much and I still have the physical marks to remind me of my pain. I still have the memories that  simultaneously motivate and haunt me. It’s not the numbness that scares me. It’s the question if it will ever stop. If I’m just born broken. Or if I can truly fix myself. If there is really hope that I can feel normal for once. That I am not just defined as broken.

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ungrateful_bastard (boxcar) 7/11/2020 - 1:18 am

Easily? Lol um no I’m the type where the more exciting a person is, the more I blunder and appear to be a complete clutz with my words.

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