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Depressed again

by lifeissuffering

So today my idiotic super religious nut job mom accused me of bullshit i I didn’t do again. And same as always sge didnt let ne me explain anything to her. She just went on and about How Gawd isnt going to bless me because im a lair and I need to get right and blah blah. Which to me is fucking hypocritical coming from this *****, she beat me with a belt naked all the time when i was young over bullshit i didnt do or because i bought home a bad grade. Now that im to old for her to hurt physically she retorts to name calling and threats of eternal damnation because she bend over and let a guy that barely spoke fucking English cum insider her. Btw sidenote here, but why do black people worship a God that the slave masters forced on them and then whoop their kids just like the masters did.
Anyway im half black half Hispanic so please save the sjw bullshit.

Shit like this makes me hate my mom the most since she’s such a **** that used God as her shield.

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fivepercent 8/22/2020 - 9:10 am

Unfortunately we’re going to see a lot of those hypocritical psycho religious nut jobs inflicting torture on us, because they’re finally realising that their god is failing them, failing the world in a very real way, so it’s like Nut Jobs’ Last Stand.

I know your situation because I grew up in one of those kinds of households. Psycho religious parents, beat me and my siblings with belts, thick books (the bible), and any other weapon they could find to smack a 6 year old kid.

All I can say is that their righteous minds will eat themselves up. The human brain can delude itself, but deep inside the folds of grey matter, there are serious conflicts brewing when they say “god loves everyone” one minute and “god wants me to beat you” the next minute. They are tangling their own brains, and I think our parents are going to end up suffering a mental torment that’s 100x worse than what they did to us. Yes, that bad. Me I’ll just fkcng kill myself and go happily into oblivion. They aren’t allowed to kill themselves because their bs god (translation: twisting of their brain functions) will not allow it. I wish I could be around to see them babbling incoherently in a trash can about how jesus saves.

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