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Dollyworld is gone too!

by postalservice

“..like omg becky what happened…” says young professional reporter

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You know, If payphones could replace this 2020 -internet is everything God – visionary movement thing goin on, that would be less stress for me. I really crave the old days sometimes. Respect is not what it used to be. Having this* much oh wow thats neat*  respect then stumbling across the cringiest talent show video I’ve ever seen and then the honest realities under an umbrella of real professionalism… People are so much less important than what it seems, in this humungous world. But where’s the age where you don’t have to look for that answer. That one 90’s movie where Dolly Parton’s crossing out names in the phone book with a tube of lipstick… Real portrayals of real places in life and climbing to the top…




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