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It won’t change

by Wisp

Not suicide related

Nothing brings me joy, it could be said that I brought this upon myself though. The world situation isn’t helping though. And I don’t believe the mainstream media.
I’m not suited for this life or world. I have never been. If I died by accident, that would be great. Although I wouldn’t want to leave my mother behind like that, she kinda relies on me at the moment :\
I’ve had a rather miserable life (some of which I’ve probably created on my own) and I’ve also had good moments.
I’m under 30 but I’ve been around enough. Not going to force that stupid vaccine on me are you? (I’m not an anti vaxxer)… Imagine having to take this vaccine to be able to even go shopping, to work, or to travel. The level of control is astounding.
I’ve heard that it’s a good time to stock up on alot of non perishable food for the time being.
If the world situation gets too bad I may not have any choice but to die. I’m sure many people are thinking this way.
Also deep down I’m full of dislike for people in general, even nice people, so I prefer to not really deal with people.

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