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It’s almost logical to do so

by Wisp

…to die, that is. Not that I’m going to try and do that anytime soon because reasons.
Just look at the state of the world. And alternative views are always made to look wrong and crazy. It seems that people aren’t allowed to have alternative views anymore!

It’s not going to get better. Well at least I think it won’t, from what I keep seeing. What’s going on now, isn’t ok.


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rainyday 8/25/2020 - 10:11 pm

Hang in there, yes, I feel like you sometimes, I feel so little in a world that never seem to stop. Nothing we can do to change the reality of our every day life. Just look at the miracle of life itself, be grateful for every new day we open our eyes. Do all we can for others with great love, our impact could be nothing, but better nothing that anything at all. We still have good people around, we still have good, even when we cannot always see it that way. Be positive and keep your faith.

Teresa's Child 8/26/2020 - 11:07 am

It is logical, and at one point in history that was accepted. There are plenty of books on the matter, This shallow cult of materialistic positivism that we live in now is a fad of the modern age.

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