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by slm

When thinking about the various ways I could end my life none of them seem particularly appealing. I think it’s more of a fear of trying and not being successful and knowing you will have to wake up and face all the same thoughts again. I guess it comes down to a choice between my head and my heart. My ego is like go on do it but my in my heart I know I don’t want too. I think so far jumping off a building would probably be the method I would pick. It’s weird talking about this openly and honestly. Not like a single person I ever tried to talk to gave a single shit. I will keep researching the different ways. It feels good in some ways because I feel like I’m taking control finally. What stings that little bit more is when you hear people say think of your family and friends because I don’t have anyone.

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Rainwatch 8/5/2020 - 4:31 pm

There’s no easy method. I tried sleeping pills, didn’t work, don’t go down the OD route it’s not effective enough. The building method you allude to in this post has been in my mind too, much more effective, probably certain as well.

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