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Yikes i guess

by DufoCloe

So quick Story, pretty much my whole Friend Group is online, aka we use Discord and other Social Media to communicate. Due to some personal reasons i wasn’t able to be online that much recently, and when i was able again, i realised how little it mattered if i was there or not. I was mostly ignored (and still am) and it doesn’t really matter anymore if i join or leave calls. Damn this feeling hurts. To some of those people i poured my soul out, and spent hours trying to help them. Is this all gone now, only because i wasn’t online? The worst part i think though is, that they kind of found a replacement for me. A person thats pretty similiar to me, but just… better? Just fucking hurts when you sit there in the call, and realise the people that mean most to you, don’t even realise when u go or how your voice breaks while talking (if you talk even, because mostly you just get interrupted).

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Virus.Found 8/4/2020 - 8:22 am

I’m not much of a caller-person myself but I understand what you mean… It’s like it doesn’t even matter if I was there or not. Or actually.. they’d be better off without me. I seem to want way too much from them. But the question is, is it too much to ask that a handful of people just freaking talk to me.? If yes, then shit, we’re screwed. It seems like your friends don’t really care whether it’s you to help them out or another version of you. I hope you’ll be okay. It does hurt plenty…

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