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by rivets

Screw it. Withdrawal jitters finally gone today.

I had a pretty bad day Thursday night. Last night of the week for me. I only put in 8hrs but by midnight I was having a full-on breakdown from stress/wd jitters/nausea/everything else. Texted some rambly awful crap to my roommate and, when quitting time came around, I just started walking towards home. Roommate drove into the parking lot after passing me on the road (didn’t see me), then txt’d me asking where I was. I just kept walking. She found me about half an hour later. She’s spent the last few nights hanging out with me making sure I’m OK, I think. I feel like shit – I should be doing that for her. Maybe we’re doing it for each other. I dunno. Hopefully I won’t be such a mess next year.

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