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Any answers?

by Jack

Why am I me, me? Why are you, you? Why is my life the way it is like it’s a predestined path? Why is yours the way it is? Why do I feel stuck regarding some things and I don’t have people in my life who understand and see things as I do?


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Her0Reb313 9/26/2020 - 5:29 am

I think this sometimes explains how I feel as well.

I don’t really have the definitive answers to your questions.

I think one answer I can answer is that you DO have people in your life that understand and see things how you do.

I’ve answered to your post, didn’t i?

That at least means some one is listening!

I don’t know how your life is. I can’t just SAY something to make you somehow magically conjure all the right things in your life. But if you ever feel like your going to explode, implode, I am here to vent to.

There were/ are times i’d wish I had someone to spew my thoughts to.

Instead, I listen.

thebends 9/26/2020 - 8:45 am

There are 3 possible answers:
1. Someone (“god”) made everything this way.
2. WE (our individual choices) made everything this way.
3. Everything is random.

Take your pick. I go with #2 which is why I can’t blame anyone else for the hell I’m living through. And also I can’t rely on anyone, or anything, to fix it but me.

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