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by @pls_end_my_suffer

Today was a new day, a day full of nothing like all the other day, I can’t think anything but that girl, I don’t even know if for her I’m still someone, she solved many of my problems but she also create a huge problem in me, which is that I liked her and still like her. The only moment I wasn’t feeling empty, it was when we were talking a lot to each other, like every nights, but one fucking day I should have say something that she didn’t like and after that there was nothing more than just classmate, of course today it change we talk a little bit more, but it’s not what I want, in the city I live, I know no one but her, I’m very shy, she knows all that, but she simply doesn’t care, I’m still alone, no one wants to help me to get better, that’s why I’m feeling empty, I don’t even remember when was the last time I was happy just for one day so thanks to alcool, I can sometimes taste a fake happiness, at least in those moments I don’t think to bad things that I could make to myself.


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Her0Reb313 9/20/2020 - 2:49 am

Woman can be difficult to read.. especially when us men say something stupid or out of character. Have you tried to sincerely apologize? Sometimes all a woman wants to hear is a sincere apology and to hear you admit you were wrong.

I don’t know your situation except you’re in a new city and know only one person.

You know what? The beauty of being new in any place is that you get to create/ re-invent yourself! If you are shy, then remember, every to you is a complete stranger, so they don’t really know how you are. One thing I have learned growing up is “fake it until you make it”. You might not feel confident, but you can pretend inside that you are. Sometimes if you pretend enough it you will develop a “character” that you can play when you’re not feeling so confident. The more you practice it the more it will work.

The thing about liking someone is you only think about that person. I know you said it’s platonic with your friend but you might have deeper feelings for her. I only think that because you cannot stop thinking about her.

If she is being distant it is giving you the opportunity to recreate your approach. Be patient, be smart, find your confidence. It takes time. Goodluck!

@pls_end_my_suffer 9/20/2020 - 7:27 am

Thank you, I might find courage thanks to this message, I think now that it is a good thing to be in a new city, I will try to overcome my shyness and move forward beginning today, I will do everything to survive, it is decided. Thank you

OddOneOut 9/20/2020 - 5:45 am

Show her that you still care mate. She liked you enough to hang out and be your friend and help you solve your problems. If you show her that you’re just a person who made a mistake she can go back to being that person again. If what you feel is genuine, she’ll get that too.
You’ve got this!

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