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It’s Easier To Sleep

by J Doe

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. Whenever there is things to be done, I simply go to sleep. It’s easier. It’s easier to close my eyes, put on a podcast and go to sleep. It’s easier to pretend there is nothing wrong and that nothing exists outside of my room. It is easier to wake up, look at the clock, then close my eyes again. It’s easier to write all this stuff down than to do anything about it. It’s simply easier. I need to take my medicine. It won’t take itself. Just because some good things have been happening for the past 2 days does not mean it can’t get worse. I hope everything is going ok. I should really do laundry. I have exactly 50.5 hours before my assignment is due. I have not begun. I’m scared and I know I shouldn’t be. I wonder what it’s like to be normal sometimes. To have it together like all those smiling faces. Oh well.

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