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Stagnant Messes

by rivets

They’re always the worst kind. Well, I’m doing my best to bust up the routine, smash all the edges and see where all the pieces land. I usually feel more human when I’m in a fresh mold with fresh possibilities. The trick is to keep the momentum going. I’ve been there before, got some progress along the path in front of me, but I always seem to wind up in a ditch because of something I’d rather not loose or a feeling I’d really like to get back. Life doesn’t work like that. I have to keep telling myself that the only way out of a mess is to get up, rinse it off, and avoid the mud next time. It’s hard keeping the faith when you don’t believe in much.

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thebends 9/3/2020 - 9:19 am

This makes so much sense. It also highlights why some of us hate the phrases “just wait” and “everything will be ok” and “stop worrying”.

It’s because those phrases are basically telling us to lie down and do nothing. Trust in gods, trust in the system because everything will turn out peachy.

No. I need to do something. We all need to do something. Look where stagnation has got us, do we really want to keep going down this path? No. One way or another, we need to do something.

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