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by Rationalist-Pragmatist

The world was always terrible, and it always will be. It doesn’t get better, it never has, and it never will, until we wipe ourselves out, which will be pretty soon. I think the last I heard, we’ve got less than 15 years to reverse climate change. No one cares.

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Her0Reb313 10/3/2020 - 5:30 am

I care. I care for the land and the people. I am only one person and I know that isn’t enough to sway your judgement. But, that’s truth. People do care and people do try,. and they try their damn hardest, too! There’s been many days where I feel like throwing in the towl but i’m here, now, talking to you because.. that’s what I do. It reminds me that as long as I reach out, I, myself am not alone.

No matter how crappy things may seem, be, feel, you aren’t the only one going through this. We just all have our barriers. I think some people look down when some look up.

Personally, i’d stared at my own two feet as I obsessively avoid the cracks.. I’m more keen on looking up anymore, not caring if I step on 1000 cracks, I just want to embrace the beauty of the sky while I still have air in my lungs and eyes to see.

I don’t necessarily think we are born to be happy. I feel like it’s just our job to experience, and observe as much as we can.

I feel like we are all a collective rather than this singled out thought/feeling that we all have.

I used to have this idea that we are never alone.

(I think i’ll save that concept for an actual post rather than a reply)

I care. That’s not bullshit. I took the time to read and reply.

It’s up to you to believe whether it’s genuine or not.

I wish you well.

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