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by darkwillow

Does anyone else here have constant imaginary conversations with people in their heads?


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- 10/9/2020 - 6:32 am


Her0Reb313 10/9/2020 - 7:12 am

Sometimes, Yes.

About a decade ago I was in a situation where I used to have “Season 1-5” of an alternative life that I live in my mind. It was a cooping mechanism so to speak. And a way to keep my sanity.

Many time on my commute to work I will turn the mirror towards myself and will have these odd little conversations.

The strangest thing about it is sometimes I feel like someone else is speaking though my because in those moments I seemingly tend to string together words and phrases i’ve never known.

Like I said, I used to have seasons of imaginary interactions in my mind.

I guess sometimes I still do. I conjure a situation in my mind and i’ll be so drawn to the thought whatever i’m thinking I actually mutter it softly in the flesh. So yes, I have imaginary conversations with myself. Although I don’t think it’s as unhealthy as some people say it is.

You ever research the type of preparation a world leader does before making a State of the Union speech? They mind frame and method is nearly sociopathic.

I think the social norm of “crazy” is far from what people think it is.

I talk to imaginary people.

I talk to myself.

I talk to myself from the past with words from my present.

Don’t be weirded out by it. You’re normal.

Rainwatch 10/9/2020 - 7:37 am

Oh yeah big time, not just a two person conversation but 3 or 4

ivygradhc 10/10/2020 - 5:20 am

I do but not necessarily conversations. For as long as I remember I tend to make up songs in my head. The Movie M.A.S.H started it for me with the Song ‘Suicide is Painless’ Soon after I first heard that I would find myself altering versus and wording to related to how I have been feeling. I find myself doing the same with other tunes as well. I have never shared this with any of my therapists, friends, or family and it has been over 45 years. Well I am listening to the music much more in my head these days and I need to make a decision.

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