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Dear self

by alina_01

I am sorry that you feel so much pain and that I can’t seem to take it away. I am sorry that you tried to be a good person and it never felt like it was enough. I am sorry for not loving you enough or protect you from all the bad things. I am sorry for every cut I made into your beautiful skin, I thought it would help with the pain but I see now that it made no difference. I am sorry that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and that I am too weak to help carry it. I am sorry that you feel conflicted and death scares you. You matter and everyday I am amazed by you! I am sorry that you can’t see that, but I understand you. I feel for you, I hope whatever you decide that you find peace because you truly deserve it.


Love you always,


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Her0Reb313 10/7/2020 - 4:09 am

There is nothing I can say about yourself that you don’t already understand. At this point, anything you do it purely your decision. You feel remorse, you are regretful. These are signs of acceptance and change. Be proud of yourself for acknowledging something many people cant.

May better days follow! <3

joeymeece 10/14/2020 - 7:02 pm

This is wonderful. Thank you. Sometimes we are the only ones to tell ourselves we are sorry for things.

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