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does anyone know who you really are…

by Rationalist-Pragmatist

…Deep down, beyond all the bullshit?

I’m actually a very warm, soft, intimate person, but the world won’t let me be that person. I forget it sometimes. I could go on but it seems weird self referencing.

So, no one sees who I truly am. No one has ever known who I truly am. No one appreciates me for who I truly am. Maybe it’s because of how the cards were lain. When I was 7 I was taken into a foster home. By the time I got back I had to go to a new school. It’s just there wasn’t enough time for people to grow familiar with me for that kind of familiarity to form. I don’t have any childhood friends. Not early childhood. Maybe things would be different, maybe if someone knew me back then.

No one ever gives me a chance to express myself. No one ever divests them self in other people. No one has any patience for anyone anymore. Me included. Maybe I can be someone who does. Maybe I can lead as an example.

Just lost thoughts on the backdrop of my downward spiral.

People are just glued to their phones. And we can never go back.

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Abandoned 10/15/2020 - 2:17 am

Everyone knows who I truly am. I’m overall a really nice person and everyone that’s nice to me knows that. However I also have boundaries and morals and if someone stepped over that line I don’t take a long time putting them in their place and if they don’t like it then instead of just straight out blaming me they should look at themselves because I say and do what I do for a reason.

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