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In A Crisis

by Todamnbad

My mind is always living in survival mode, always living in a crisis. F#ck the meaning of life, i can’t figure out how to live properly. I can’t figure the cold world out on my own. Life is too naturally cruel and unfair. Its too hard to find meaning in the toughest battles. The scars left behind just remind of how difficult life has been. People like just can’t get it right and never can find stability in their life even if they want it badly. I never felt so lost in this world, where my parents were hardly there and then any life/money guru wants you to throw money at them trying to find stability in your life and change it for the better. What i’m saying is, life is too damn hard for the poor. The poor already had nothing, barely living and the government keeps them alive. I wish the world offered the poor better chances in life. Alot of those people will be stuck in poverty for years trying to find a way out. 80% of your life is based on money…

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