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Mr. Mustache Man (Mr. MM)

by Hamartia

Why are you here in my head again? I was feeling so good for a minute. I can’t even complain about what you do to me. I do it to myself. You are making life so hard. There is so much bad in this world already. Can’t we just bring a little bit of good into it? Please Mr. MM, I need you to go back to sitting in your corner. There are things I still need to do. Creatures I still need to care for. I really don’t want to want to die anymore. I’m so tired Mr. MM. I don’t know how much longer I can fight with you. . . You keep beating me down and I feel like I am barely hanging on. I am so tired. Maybe if I just sleep. . . Close my eyes and drift away- I will wake up and you’ll be gone. But I can’t escape can I? You rob my dreams as well. . . Don’t you get bored Mister Mustache Man?

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