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Now is a good Time to Plan.

by JudgeMeNot

I’ve gotten to a point were My progress in life has reached its peak. I’m 25 years old. My education is much below average/mediocre and lost all Confidence to attempt learning anymore. Stuck making 18,000 a year at a job that I hoped would keep my away from noticing, who I am. Just reminds me I couldn’t live even paying for myself in a much below average class.

I’m bored.. lost at sea with no sail. Drifting in no direction. I’m a pushover and get taken advantage  by good people.

I dont enjoy sleep like I use to.. because I know I’ll have a high chance of waking up. Continuing to breath this thin Air. Looking into the mirror to only see a stranger.

I’m going to go to the gun range sometime and get comfortable holding and shooting before I buy a hand gun. Then start a draft for my Suicide Note to my family.. soon.soon.soon



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Her0Reb313 10/11/2020 - 6:41 am

25.. I remember being 25.. I remember very much the same thing at that age.

25 is still very young (Not that i’m much older), but you still have a lot of life ahead of you. The good and the bad. Things seem pretty hopeless at times, not matter what age we are. I assure you. If you fight through that hopelessness you will see another day, and I can’t guarantee you that it will be any easier.. It might even be more difficult, but NO DAY IS THE SAME. 25… Where has the time gone. I’d take all of my problems at 25 in a heartbeat..

As far as shooting goes. I know you want us to know your plan. That is apparent. I feel like you want someone to listen more than you want to die. Nobody needs practice at a gun range to shoot themselves.. If you ever want to talk about it or anything just shoot me a private message.

Hey, I have my own issues too but I promise i’m not a bad friend.

Message me sometimes if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

JudgeMeNot 10/11/2020 - 4:56 pm

I was gonna add more to the reason for shooting a gun at the range. But that would put me on the FBI watch list if you get my drift.

I cant feel the same for another 25 years. I wish I could pass it up or trade my opportunities to those, who need it the most.

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