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Red and Blue

by Hynin

I felt the need to put this here. Maybe it will help someone.

Red and Blue

What undeniable pain
Choosing between red and between blue.
Most said it was easy,
I said I loved them both the same.
But maybe this wasn’t as true as I thought.
I love red a lot.
I love it for the glint in blood
The velvet in petals
The anger in soul
And the grass on the knoll.
It’s beautiful passion rinses through us all
It’s telling tale of love and hate.
But for me it was not to be.
For blue held my heart, though I viewed it not in first.
The oceans full of silent fury
The skies telling of oh such beauty
The petals holding the dew of rain
The fog that melts through my brain
And the water that falls from the heavens blessing us with change.
I love both red and blue so much.
But in the end I chose, and I chose wrong.
Red held my heart though I understood blue more than most.
I thought blue was perfect though red was the calmer.
The tearing of my soul never did well without the comfort of red.
So if you find yourself in a position like mine,
Don’t forget to look twice.

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