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by a falling star

i wish i wasn’t born in my faith. that way i could sleep around with guys that i find physically attractive.  why?? because i don’t feel those emotions. i’ve never loved someone. i’ve never had an actual crush. if i didn’t have my faith…i could satisfy the emptiness in my heart, in my soul.

i am waiting for the right person, someone whom i will love with all my heart. but…. i think that that person doesn’t exist.  not a single bit have i felt. i feel hollow.

whatever. whilst reading this, i have no idea what i’m trying to say….

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Virus.Found 11/30/2020 - 6:04 pm

You sound aromantic to me. Some people have that, it happens. I used to fall in love constantly and now I find it very hard, but that’s probably because I got older. It’s okay. There will be someone, you’ll like. Your faith doesn’t have to cut you off the world, you know.? It’s your life, you’re allowed to make your own decisions. I don’t know your situation though, sorry if I overstepped..

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