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A Bit Of Good

by J Doe

So yesterday my team and I turned in our group project. That makes the second term project for me this semester with one more to go. Overall we got a good response from the teacher. It didn’t work like we wanted it to, but we still managed to satisfy the professor. We probably won’t get the best grade in the class, but we didn’t fail. The thing is that’s not the best thing that I took away from this whole process. I still have a low opinion of myself and think that I will end up as nothing, but this project gave me a small bit of hope that maybe I’m not completely useless. I think I was able to help to some degree and be a good engineer. One of my teammates was this extremely bright girl that is a part of this fancy research lab and works several jobs and has this huge list of accomplishments, which usually bums me out to think about how everyone around me is better than me. However, there were just certain things that she was not great at. Trying to explain certain things to her was a bit difficult and she always seemed to want to do things the hard way or in a way that just didn’t make sense. So it made me realize that you don’t necessarily need to have this long list of achievements and all that to be something. Yeah she still has this long line of achievements and she probably is a lot more knowledgeable than me in certain areas, but I still had something to offer. The same goes for the other two teammates, they have this incredible list of achievements and jobs, but they are also older than me and took a while to get to a place where they understood what they liked and wanted. They either changed majors several times or transferred from community colleges or what not. So I now know that it’s ok to not have this direct path to success. They took different winding paths to get to where they are now and that’s fine. I don’t know. I think I don’t feel as useless and pointless.


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postalservice 11/25/2020 - 8:46 am

it’s so annoying when insecurity causes people to compare themselves to others. What does it have to do with you if someone else is this or that/has something that you’re ashamed of not having?

postalservice 11/25/2020 - 8:47 am

It’s this type of judgement that blind-sides people. They might have x but they see you* as x because you have great character , looks, funny, etc but no people wallow in self pity. i hate it.

postalservice 11/25/2020 - 8:50 am

I hate it when accomplished people play down their achievements too, like calling themselves “not a big deal” or something. I hate that so much.

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