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All this upkeep sucks

by Wisp

Not suicide related

tiny insects in my room, cockroaches in the microwave (moved the microwave outside). CLEAN YOUR MICROWAVE, FOLKS! Mine smelled like food, no wonder they went in there. The clock area is warm too and they like the warmth.
I don’t have the capacity to deal with insects and no I can’t afford a pest person. Oh and a slight ceiling sag that’s been there for a while. I told the landlord, if they are interested….
I’m not a very good example here but from so many things I’ve seen and read online, a gigantic multitude of things can go wrong for anyone. Life is a contant upkeep load of fucking shit that we are meant to keep on top of.
Ok let’s hope I’m gone in the next year or two so nobody has to listen to my complaining anymore. I’m renting a whole damn unit. Cleaning, maintaining, stupid yard…. I’m sorry is it even normal for humans to engage in so much upkeep????? and then there’s YOURSELF.

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Once 11/17/2020 - 12:04 am

Send a message…capture the insects, cut off one leg and release them…give the colony something to talk about. You have to speak their language. But seriously, that’s an annoying problem with varied solutions.

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